Let me explain to you how Opsec works, KC.
From what you've posted on your blog, which you've convinced yourself is safe for public viewing, I've learned the following:
Your name. 
Your rank. 
What you look like. 
What you're baby sister looks like. 
That you've taken part in the war on terror in Afghanistan and are in Jalalabad currently. 
That you're in the USAF Air Natl Guard... Figures. 
That you're from St Peters, Missouri. (Mill Brooke Ct)
You're Christian. 
Your Facebook and friends- /kkaibel
Blake, Zach, Dylan. 
Your dad, Jo. 
You're 23, graduated from FHN in 2006. 
Went to Lindenwood Uni. 
That you play rugby, so must be athletic to some degree. 
God fucking forbid you get captured, detained, etc... You'd be screwed dude. 
This took me 10 minutes on google. I'm just a fellow service member, but think what QZR would do with this info...
Although posting this makes me a hypocrite... Damn.